Is Your Bra Killing You?

10 Health Reasons to Wear the Proper Bra


#1 Pain. It is estimated that more than 50% of women experience breast pain when exercising. Insufficient support leads to chronic back, shoulder and neck pain and headaches. It is not linked to the size of a woman’s breasts.*1

#2 Breathing. Ill-fitted bras can restrict the rib cage and put pressure on muscles, which can cause breathing problems.*2

#3 Sagging. Your bust has no muscle. Breasts are held up by fragile ligaments that attach breast tissue to muscles. Over time, unsupported ligaments will be stretched and weakened; causing sagging that cannot be reversed.

#4 Posture. Unsupported breasts cause slouching and inwardly rounded shoulders that will stretch out your rhomboids and also lead to tight pectorals.

#5 Circulation. Problems can develop when the pectoral muscles in the chest are compressed, affecting the neurovascular bundle of nerves to the arms causing a pins and needles sensation.*3

#6 Skin. Chaffing, rashes, and yeast infections may occur when the skin is irritated by too tight or too loose fitting bras.

#7 Breast tissue migration. With an incorrect fit, the breast tissue can be displaced by the ill-fitting bra to other areas, such as under the armpits, sternum, and even the back.

#8 Marks and grooves. Deep red marks and shoulder grooves can be indications of permanently damage to the shoulder tissue.

#9 Lymphatic System. Without proper support, lymphatic drainage is impeded, which interferes with cellular health.

#10 Digestion. A tight bra can obstruct the flow of the digestive system causing indigestion and can be linked to other digestive issues such as heartburn and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).*4

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[4 Study according to Sports Medicine Australia and the Breast Research Australia]

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