About me

IMG_4086_RETHi! I’m Rita Blanco.

I’m a wife, a mother to three little ones (all under 6yrs old!) and I’m what you’d call a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

With a background in small business administration, marketing and running my own company as a wellness consultant/advocate, when the opportunity to partner with peach, a new brand with a mission to empower women to feel beautiful & confident, came along I couldn’t pass it up.

Born and raised in Dallas, TX , I met my husband here in 2002; and shortly after we moved to Miami, FL and later to Charlotte, NC where our 3 kids were born. We recently settled our family in my hometown of Dallas in 2014.

I feel very grateful to have my business where I can spend most of my days with our kids and schedule my peach clients, wellness workshops & private events around our family calendar.

The ability to build a business that makes an impact on the daily lives of women (and families) that also provides flexibility and extra income to support our family can’t be beat. I’m truly passionate about sharing my services and products with anyone I can! 😉

I love to collaborate and partner with like-minded boss babes -so let’s connect if this appeals to you!

Hop on over to the blog where I cover everything from positive inspiration, styling your wardrobe, business productivity, wellness tips…and show you how you can earn a living as your own boss with a turn-key business model.

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rita signatureand family 🙂

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Rita with her husband Raul and their kids (Alicia, Natalia and Max) on vacation in Punte del Este, Uruguay.