I’m Rita.

A mom, an entrepreneur and wellness advocate.

As a busy mom of 3 kids I completely understand how 99% of our time/thoughts/energy are spent on others – our kids, work, spouse and home – while our own needs are usually an afterthought. lt doesn’t matter whether you work in a office, work from home or if your “boss(es)” are 3ft tall, it’s time we put the same level of care towards our needs and our “wants”.

So let’s lock arms together to take care of our minds, body and soul.

And here’s why its important:  You can’t pour into others from an empty cup.

I want show you how to fill (and re-fill) your cup though self-care so you can pour your (love, energy, leadership) into those around you.

If you want to make an impact while making a living, I love to collaborate and partner with like-minded boss babes -so let’s connect if this appeals to you!

Hop on over to the blog where I cover everything from positive inspiration, styling your wardrobe, business productivity, wellness tips…and show you how you can earn a living as your own boss with a turn-key business model.

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